Honk Tokenomics

Welcome to the Honk Tokenomics page, where we unveil the fascinating world of Honk – a token designed to bring creativity, community, and innovation together. Dive into the details of Honk's supply, earning opportunities, burning mechanisms, and its exciting potential on the crypto landscape.

Token Supply

Total Supply: 6,969,696,969,696,969 HONK

Earning Honk

Stake NFTs: Immerse yourself in the world of NFTs and earn Honk by staking your prized digital collectibles. As you stake, you contribute to the strength and growth of the Honk ecosystem while reaping rewards.

Airdrops: Keep an eye out for occasional airdrops that gift Honk tokens to our active and engaged community members. Airdrops serve as tokens of appreciation for your support and involvement.

Minting Future Projects

Experience the thrill of creation by minting our future projects using Honk. Your Honk tokens serve as the key to unlock new and exciting NFTs, contributing to the diversity and richness of our expanding ecosystem.

Burning Mechanism

With every minted NFT with Honk, that portion of Honk is burnt, adding a layer of scarcity and value appreciation. The more we create, the scarcer Honk becomes, potentially enhancing its long-term value.

Exchange and Parity

For the initial stages, you can purchase 1 eGLD for 15 million Honk tokens on OneDex, our trusted partner exchange platform. This fixed par value ensures easy accessibility and liquidity as you explore the crypto space.

Future Exchange Platforms

In the future, Honk will be available on various exchange platforms, expanding your options for acquiring and trading this dynamic token. Stay tuned for updates as we collaborate with diverse exchanges to enhance Honk's reach.


Honk isn't just a token – it's a gateway to an exciting ecosystem fueled by creativity, community, and innovation. Stake your NFTs, engage with airdrops, mint new projects, and witness the burn mechanism in action as we craft a valuable and engaging ecosystem. With the ability to exchange on multiple platforms and the foundation laid on OneDex, the Honk journey promises discovery, growth, and endless possibilities. Embrace the future of crypto with Honk!

You can buy our token

Our token is branded and starting today you can participate in the ICO on onedex.